How To Avoid Online Scams


The list below is one that I created to help me with my research when reviewing products. I call them Scam Alerts. By checking a website for the points below and then following my advice, you can be pretty sure that you will not fall for a program that might scam you.

1)  There is No description of what you will be doing to earn money. Some of the most “successful” scams online use this tactic, and the reason why it works so well is … CURIOSITY. We are all curious by nature and if it involves earning money then we will find it very hard to resist. But the fact remains that if a website doesn’t tell you how you will be earning money before you pay or even give your name and email address, it’s a strong indication that more deceit and scams are coming

2)  Video or information suggesting high income and/or extravagant lifestyle is possible. Any website suggesting unrealistic earnings and a lavish lifestyle in ANY way is attempting to play with your mind. You have likely reached the website because you are in a situation where you need to improve your financial situation, so straight away you will be interested.The reality is, these claims are almost never true and are simply aimed at creating false hope.

3) Pressure tactics used to encourage you to sign up or pay before  you ever visited a website and it suggests that ‘only x amount are available at this special price’, or a countdown clock is ticking away telling you how long have left to take advantage of an offer. There’s only one reason for deploying scarcity tactics like this…to get you to join or pay ASAP.There is no logical explanation for putting you in a position of having make your decision quickly, other than to force you into paying for something that you would normally decide against if you had more time to make your decision. Pressure tactics are a good sign that a Scam lives within!

4)  ‘Unbelievable’ testimonials are a main feature for  many years now testimonials by genuinely satisfied customers have been a trusted way to assess how good an opportunity is. However, in recent years it has become an exploited area by those wanting to scam you. Evaluating testimonials requires your focused attention. Any exaggerated claims should immediately alert you, either written or by video. The more unbelievable they seem, the greater the chances are that they are fake.

5)  Exit popups offering you a discount or improved offer when you try to leave the website Exit popups are one of the most frustrating things you can find on a website, and they are specifically put in place by the website owner(s) in an attempt to change your mind about leaving.The ‘Exit Popup’. One of the most common scam factors The process is a simple one. You go to the leave the site and a popup appears in the middle of the screen with an improved offer. It will often be a price reduction, and there can sometimes be multiple price reductions every time you try to close the page. Exit popups leave you thinking: “Why wasn’t I offered this price in the first place?”Any website with these in place should concern you. Even if they do get you to join at a lower price, you can bet that they will try to make even more money out of you once you join.

6) No name or ‘about us’ information. If a work from home opportunity doesn’t provide with you a name or information about who the creators/owners are, you can be certain they have something to hide.  It’s that simple.Trust is everything online, and no matter how good an opportunity might seem, if you don’t know who you are dealing with then you should consider it as a major red flag.

7) The contact test – Put simply, if there is absolutely no way to make contact with the owners/creators of the website, you should be very concerned. It is a simple 2 minute job for a website owner to put a contact email address on a website, and at most a 5 minute job to put a contact form up. So you have to ask why wouldn’t they do it? Because they don’t want to hear from you. And that should tell you just how legitimate the opportunity really is. Close the website right away and don’t go back.

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