I am Larry. I am a doctor of pharmacy with a great interest in nutrition and healthy lifestyle. I enjoy working out, taking long drives, playing chess, and shooting at the range.

Some of my passions are sports, nutrition, online business opportunities, and continuing education and learning.

I have recently become involved in online marketing and affiliate marketing. I have been working my way through the massive amount of information about online marketing and the extensive amount of resources available. Some are honest and helpful and others are a waste of time and even worse, a waste of your money. I know…. I have fallen into many scams and dishonest websites and resources that promised to help me, but only helped themselves to my hard earned money.

I want to help you avoid these pitfalls and scams.  I promised myself that if I ever learned of a good resource … one that is honest and really helps beginners, like myself, that I would help others find this resource.  I want to help you all avoid some of the scams I fell into when starting my online business… believe me it might save you a bunch of money!




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